Discount rate

The rate charged to a merchant for payment processing services on debit and credit card transactions.

Digital wallet

A consumer account set up to allow e-commerce transactions through a particular credit card processing system. Before the consumer can make a purchase, he or she must first establish an account with the credit card processor, who provides an identification number and password. The consumer can then make purchases at any Web site that supports the digital wallet system.

Decline re-routing

Cardknox feature that enables a transaction to be re-routed to an alternate processor if the transaction was initially declined.

Debit fees

Fees based on the debit network that issues the debit card. Debit fees are comprised of network fees and transaction fees, and usually consist of a flat fee and a statement fee.

Debit card

A transaction card used to initiate a debit transaction. In general, these transactions are used primarily to purchase goods and services and to obtain cash, for which the cardholder’s asset account is debited by the issuer.


Dynamic Currency Conversion – A credit card processing solution that allows merchants to offer international customers the choice to pay with Visa and Mastercard in either their local currency, or the merchant’s base currency.

The exchange rate includes a 3% margin which is displayed on the receipt along with the conversion. By paying in their local currency, tourists and business travelers can make informed decisions about their purchases and feel confident knowing the exact amount they are paying. In addition, cardholders have the choice of opting out and paying without converting the sale to avoid being charged international fees when their issuer does not charge. Revenue split is available to merchant.