xErrorCode – All Error Codes

Type Code
Approved 00000
Undefined Error 09999
Missing Required Variable 01000
Missing Required Tags 01001
Missing Required Fields 01002
Unable to verify card ID number. 01010
Customer Name Required 01011
More Than One Record Matches PTRANNUM; Please Use TTID 01012
AVSCode is required 01013
Bad Cardholder Account Information 01014
Invalid Issuing Bank 01015
CVV Required 01016
Invalid Street 01017
Unknown Error From Host 01018
Shipping_Information_Required 01019
Bank Not On File 01020
Exceeds Amount Limit 01021
Pin Required (EBT) 01022
Refund not permitted 01023
Security Voilation 01024
Invalid_Version 01025
Unmatched Return Not Allowed 01026
Void Rejected 01027
Must Allow Partial Auth 01028
AuthCode Required 01029
Batch Error 01031
Unable to parse response 01032
No Such Issuer 01033
Authonly not allowed on Debit/EBT transaction 01035
Lookup status not supported 01036
Adjustment Error 01037
Transaction Type Not Voidable 01038
Command Type Not Supported for Debit 01040
Incremental Auths Not Supported 01041
Connection Timeout 01042
No Original 01043
A capture requires that the existing transaction be an auth 01044
The original transaction cannot have this operation performed on it at this time 01045
Disconnect before response 01046
Revocation Auth 01048
Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication 00104
Account: Invalid Length 01050
Transaction type not allowed from this source 01051
No Account 01052
Processing Institution Does Not Support That Transaction Type 01054
Bank Unavailable 01055
Pin XLate Error 01057
Merchant number does not relate to a defined bank or financial institution 01058
Auth Prohibited 01059
Partial Refund Not Allowed 01060
The sum of unit and qty minus disc plus freight plus duty plus tax must equal transaction amount 01062
Original Transaction Not Approved 01063
Unable to connect to remote server 01064
The underlying connection was closed 01066
Credits are not enabled 01067
Transaction type is not voidable. Issue refund instead. 01070
Routing: Invalid Value 01072
Account: Invalid Value 01073
Card Must Be Swiped 01075
AVS CV2 Declined 01076
Authentication Error 01078
Command Not Supported 01080
Login Failed 01082
Issuer Unavailable 01083
Account Not Issued 01084
Refused 01085
Velocity Exception 01086
Invalid Data 01087
An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response 01088
Remote Server Error 01089
Unable to connect to the remote server 01090
Engine Required 01092
No checking account 01093
Invalid CC Account Number 01094
Terminal not identified or inactive 01095
This terminal or user id is not permitted to process this transaction type. 01096
Connection Error 01097
Host Connection Error 01098
Unknown Transaction Type 01099
Transaction Not Found 01100
Payment Initiative Not Supported 01102
CheckNum Invalid Value 01103
Unable to Auth 01105
Valid Auth Not Found 01106
Gift Issuance not allowed for this location 01110
Invalid Gift Card 01112
Invalid GiftCard Magstripe 01113
Account Already Issued 01114
Invalid Set ID 01115
cannot modify transaction during settlement 01116
Invalid data in Settlement Transaction Detail message 01117
Reference Number Not Supported 01118
Transaction is in a state that cannot be refunded 01119
Transaction already refunded 01120
Transaction not eligible for refund. 01121
The transaction ID is invalid for this transaction type 01122
Capture Not Supported 01123
Max refund amount exceeded 01124
TAX MUST BE >= 0.00 AND <= AMOUNT 01125
Invalid Order Amount (MIN) 01126
Invalid Order Amount (MAX) 01127
The provided Order has no lines in On Hold status 01128
None of the order lines specified could be updated to the specified reason. 01130
An error occurred while updating the entries 01132
Unable to retrieve expiration date 01135
CVV2 check cannot be performed as no data was supplied in the authorization request. 01137
The cc payment type and/or currency is not accepted 01138
Name On Account Required. 01140
Pin code required for credit/void 01141
This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request. 01145
Exceeds Count Limit 01150
Refunds cannot be performed until the transaction has settled 01151
The server is temporarily unavailable. Please try back shortly. 01152
Backend DB Error 01153
You have tried this card too many times 01154
No Credit Account 01155
Revk Pay Ordered 01160
Stop Pay Ordered 01161
Invalid Null Account Number Last Four 01165
UserName not recognized 01167
Phone Field Required 01170
Country Field Required 01171
Email Field Required 01172
Input String was not in a correct format 01175
Authenticate Failed 01179
Lookup Failed 01180
Balance Temoporarily Unavailable 01182
Network Error 01184
No Reply 01185
Merchant has been deactivated 01187
Funds can not be released for this transaction 01188
Incorrect Device Encryption 01189
Bad MID 01190
Host Drop 01191
No Response 01192
Transaction Count Exceeded Limit 01193
Amount exceeds original transaction amount. 01194
Processor returned an invalid authorization code 01195
Zip Required for Keyed Transaction 01196
Unable to connect to TSYS 01197
Processing Error Please Try Again 01198
Server Error 01199
Unable To Create Transaction. Please Contact Support. 01200
Refund amount exceeds sale amount 01201
Credit amount exceeds sale amount 01202
Amount Required 01203
Invalid Token 01204
Invalid Zip 01205
Invalid_Pin 01206
License Required 01207
Specified Key Not Found 01208
Activity Limit Exceeded 01209
Over Pin Limit 01210
Negative amount not allowed 01211
Swiping Not Allowed. Contact Support 01212
Invalid Action 01213
Unsupported Cardtype 01214
Not Authorized 01215
Account is inactive 01217
Unrecognized Trackdata Format 01218
Duplicate Keys Found 01220
Invalid GiftCard Number 01221
Unauthorized 01222
Card Number was not between 13 and 16 digits 01223
Original transaction not specified 01224
Pin Pad Error 01225
Invalid_Command 01226
Auth Declined 01227
Record Not Found 01228
Transaction Not Permitted 01230
OrderNumber is required 01231
Transaction Already Settled 01232
Account Required 01233
Eligible transaction not found 01234
Missing CardCVV 01235
Account Not Found 01236
Terminal ID Error 01237
PIN Retries Exceeded 01238
Invalid Credentials 01239
Invalid Share Group. 01240
GiftCard Already Exists 01241
Routing: Invalid Length 01242
Internal Error 01243
Credit Not Allowed 01244
Refund Not Allowed 01245
Void Not Allowed 01246
Transaction Not Allowed 01247
Order has already been imported 01248
Edit Error 01249
Card Expired 01251
Unable to locate transaction 01253
Req exceeds bal 01254
The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. 01255
Transaction amount exceeds limit 01257
Connection Failed: Possible Setup Error 01258
Stop Recurring 01259
Bad SE Number 01260
Type Not Supported 01261
Merchant does not support this card type 01262
Unable to verify card ID number 01264
Settlement Error 01265
Limit Exceeded 01266
Invalid AuthCode 01267
Invalid Software 01269
No Open Batches Found 01270
Billing_Information_Required 01271
Card Fraud 01272
Line item total must equal amount 01273
AMEXSE merchant parameter not provided 01274
Invalid Routing Number 01275
SEC Violation 01277
Invalid_Routing 01278
Amount Error 01279
Cardnumber Mismatch 01280
No Phone Number Provided 01286
Invalid_CVV 01287
Invalid Website 01289
Debit Requires Track2 Data 01290
Invalid Email 01291
Invalid Exp Length 01294
Expiration Date Must Be In Future 01295
Invalid Merchant ID 01296
Invalid Terminal ID 01297
Invalid Account 01298
Invalid Account Settings 01299
Invalid Effective Date 01300
Invalid merchant key 01301
Try_Again_Later 01302
Void of activation after account activity 01303
Edit Honor 01304
Not approved 01305
Call acquirer’s security 01306
Crypto box is offline 01307
Invalid Checking Account Number 01308
Accepted but not yet processed 01309
Promo location restricted 01310
Bulk activation package amount error 01311
Hard Capture; Pick Up 01312
Promotions for Internet virtual and physical cards do not match 01313
Transaction not permitted to terminal 01314
Reversal Rejected. Do not try again 01315
Bad checksum. The checksum provided is incorrect 01316
No term record on system 01317
System malfunction 01318
Internet access disabled 01319
No reason to decline 01320
Invalid status change 01321
TransArmor Service Unavailable 01323
Void/Full Reversal requests in which the Original Authorization was not found 01324
Too many transactions requested 01325
Duplicate Return 01327
Unmatched card expiry date 01328
Invalid issuer 01329
Lost card 01330
Account closed 01331
Duplicate Transaction 01332
CCV failed 01333
Decline 01334
System Error 01335
New Account Information 01336
Invalid account number 01337
Invalid Card Account 01338
Count Exceeds Limit 01339
Transaction Error 01340
Invalid EAN 01341
Target embossed card entered and Transaction count entered do not match 01342
Debit Switch Unavailable 01343
Approve VIP 01344
Violation of law 01345
Transaction destination not 01346
Expired card 01347
Already active and reloadable 01348
Already reversed 01349
Please retry 01350
Invalid account/date or sales date in future 01351
Product code(s) restricted 01352
Date of Birth Error for Check Processing 01353
Invalid State Code 01354
Incorrect PIN 01355
The authorizing network has a problem decrypting the cryptogram in the request 01356
Transaction not permitted to cardholder 01357
Store location zero not allowed 01358
Error 01359
Account on hold 01360
Approved EMV Key Load 01361
Invalid clerk 01362
Account is Purged 01363
Invalid_Amount 01364
Invalid transaction source 01365
Invalid time zone 01366
Service not allowed 01367
Card issuer timed out 01368
Bad authorization code 01370
Duplicate Reversal 01371
DUKPT: An error while processing the PIN block that is not related to the point-ofsale equipment. Contact the Help Desk for assistance 01372
Network Response indicates that Merchant ID/SE is invalid” 01373
Bad_repay_date 01377
Invalid currency 01378
Incorrect transaction version or format number for POS transactions 01379
Do not try again 01380
No account link 01381
Duplicate Completion 01382
Allowable PIN tries exceeded 01383
Bulk activation error 01384
CVV2 Declined 01385
Restricted card 01386
Incorrect location 01387
Transaction history not available 01388
Invalid terminal 01389
Totals Unavailable 01390
The DUKPT Base Derivation key is missing or incorrect in the PIN pad, or PIN key synchronization erro 01391
No Savings Account 01392
Cash Back greater than total Transaction amount 01393
Refer – Call Authorization (Checks only) 01394
Password retry exceeded 01395
Currency conversion error 01396
Unknown account 01397
Max balance exceeded 01398
Honor With Authentication 01399
TransArmor Key Error 01401
Not lost or stolen 01402
Account already linked 01403
Already active 01404
Invalid transaction 01405
No transactions available/no more transactions available 01406
Debit/EBT network gateway cannot get through to the ISSUER 01407
Account locked 01409
Refer to issuer‘s special conditions 01410
Insufficent_Funds 01411
Exceeded account reloads 01412
Invalid merchant 01413
Invalid new password 01414
Request not permitted by this merchant location 01415
Request not permitted by this account 01416
Enter lesser amount 01417
Amount Too Large 01418
No phone service 01419
Unsuccessful 01420
Debit/EBT transaction count exceeds pre-determined limit in specified time/ Withdrawal limit exceeded 01421
Account not in inactive state 01422
Bad Post Date 01423
Stolen card 01424
Unable to Locate Record On File 01426
Bulk activation un-attempted error 01427
Account status is void lock 01428
Schema Validation Error 01429
No card record 01430
Pick Up Card 01432
The terminal transaction number did not match (on a void or reversal) 01433
Subsystem Unavailable 01434
New Account Information available 01435
Call for authorization 01436
Approve for partial amount 01437
Inactive account 01438
TransArmor Invalid Token or Account Number 01439
EMV Key Download Error 01440
Do not honor 01441
Referred – Skip Trace Info 01442
Balance not available (denial) 01443
Bad mag stripe 01444
Approved EMV Key Load 01446
Invalid password 01447
Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit 01448
No previous transaction 01449
Transaction not permitted to acquirer or terminal 01451
Hard Negative Info On File 01452
Account row locked 01453
Format error 01455
Exceeds withdrawal amount limit 01456
Resubmission of transaction violates debit/EBT network frequency 01457
New password required 01458
Transaction Previously Voided 01462
Invalid_RefNum 01463
Invalid Credit Card 01464
Invalid Trackdata 01465
Either Token or Magstripe or Card Num and Exp valid per transaction 01466
Refund/Void not allowed on EBT transaction 01467
Invalid EBT Card 01468
Transaction amount exceeded for test account 01469
Invalid_EXP 01470
Refund/Void not allowed on Debit transaction 01471
PIN/DUKPT Required 01472
Card or Magstripe Required 01473
Invalid Pin/Dukpt 01474
Expiration Date Required 01477
Invalid EBT Card Length 01478
Invalid Card 01479
Voice_Authentication_Required 01480
Timeout 01481
Billing Address Mismatch 01482
Invalid DUKPT format 01483
Account Setup Error 01485
Credit Denied 01486
Unsupported Card Type 01487
Processor temporarily unavailable 01488
Invalid CVV Length 01489
Card Number Error 01490
Invalid_CardNumber 01491
Invalid Tran Code 01492
Hold Card 01493
Use VOID to refund an unsettled transaction 01494
Invalid Variable 01495
Invalid Hash 01496
Invalid FSA Amounts 01500
Resume Map 01501
Name exceeds max length 01502
Monthly volume exceeded 01503
Transaction can not be completed, violation of law 01504
Invalid Transaction Type 01505
Unsupported AID 01506
Processing Error 01507
Invalid Store Key 01508
Invalid Integer 01509
Routing or MICR Required 01510
Account Closed – Contact Cardholder (AU) 01511
Contact Cardholder (AU) 01512
Specified source key not found. 01513
Invalid Bill Street 01514
Invalid Bill First Name 01515
Invalid Bill Last Name 01516
Invalid Ship Street 01517
Invalid Ship First Name 01518
Invalid Ship Last Name 01519
Declined (SF) 01520
MVV merchant parameter empty or invalid 01521
Unable to process transaction 01522
Transaction cannot be refunded at this time 01523
Transaction cannot be voided at this time 01524
Transaction Cannot Be Voided 01525
Specified source key not found 01526
FSA Not Supported 01530
Pin Required for EBT 01531
Account Setup error. Please Contact Support. 01532
Card or Magstripe or MemberID Required 01533
Access Denied 01534
Invalid Input 01535
Invalid Tax 01536
Sequence ID Required 01537
CVV2 Refused 01538
Transaction exceeds maximum amount. 01539
Name Required 01540
Street exceeds max length 01541
Invalid Service Code 01542
Invalid Account/Card Number. 01543
CVC2/CID Rejected by Issuer. 01544
Reversal error 01545
Invalid Name 01546
EMV Pin Error 01550
Ineligible Refnum 01551
Invalid PNRef 01552
Command Type Does Not Support Pin 01553
Void Not Supported For Pin Transactions 01554
Card not accepted by merchant, please try a different card 01555
Invalid Invoice 01556
Refund not permitted, original sale not found 01557
Balance Temporarily Unavailable 01558
System temporarily unavailable 01559
Issue Amount Exceeds Redeem Amount 01560
This card can not be used with MOTO transactions 01561
Current permissions do not allow this operation. Please contact customer support. 01562
Transaction amount below minimum 01563
Invalid check images 01564
Invalid Username 01565
Invalid Currency Code 01566
Invalid Account Type 01567
Invalid mInitial 01568
Invalid aptNum 01569
Invalid city 01570
Invalid state 01571
Invalid billZip 01572
Invalid mailApt 01573
Invalid mailCity 01574
Invalid mailState 01575
Invalid mailZip 01576
Invalid dayPhone 01577
Invalid evenPhone 01578
Invalid ssn 01579
Invalid dob 01580
Invalid recEmail 01581
Invalid knownAccount 01582
Invalid rtNum 01583
Invalid splitNum 01584
A ProPay account With this e-mail address already exists Or User has no AccountNumber 01585
A ProPay account With this social security number already exists 01586
The email address provided does Not correspond To a ProPay account. 01587
Recipients e-mail address shouldnt have a ProPay account And does 01588
Invalid Credential Or IP address Not allowed 01589
Over credit card use limit 01590
Miscellaneous Error 01591
Denied a ProPay account (Developer should display a descriptive message that guides a New user To fill out ProPay exceptions form And submit it.) 01592
Unauthorized service requested 01593
Account Not affiliated 01594
Duplicate invoice number (The same card was charged For the same amount With the same invoice number (including blank invoices) In a 1 minute period. Details about the original transaction are included whenever a 69 response Is returned. These details include a repeat Of the auth code, the original AVS response, And the original CVV response.) 01595
Duplicate external ID 01596
Account previously Set up, but problem affiliating it With partner 01597
The ProPay Account has already been upgraded To a Premium Account 01598
Invalid Destination Account 01599
Account Or Trans Error 01600
Money already pulled 01601
Not Premium (used only For push/pull transactions) 01602
Empty results 01603
Generic account status Error 01604
InvalidUserID 01605
BatchTransCountError 01606
InvalidBeginDate 01607
InvalidEndDate 01608
InvalidExternalID 01609
DuplicateUserID 01610
Duplicate Batch ID 01611
Duplicate Batch Transaction 01612
Batch Transaction amount Error 01613
Unavailable Tier 01614
Invalid Country Code 01615
Account created In documentary status, but still must be validated. 01616
Account created In documentary status, but still must be validated And paid For. 01617
Account created successfully, but still must be paid For. 01618
Invalid Payer Name 01619
Transaction does Not meet Date criteria 01620
Direct deposit account Not specified 01621
Invalid SEC code 01622
Invalid x509 certificate 01623
Invalid value for require CC refund 01624
Required field Is missing (This Is returned only For edit ProPay account. See response tag For field name.) 01625
Invalid EIN 01626
Invalid business legal name (DBA) 01627
One of the business legal address fields Is invalid 01628
Business (legal) city Is invalid 01629
Business (legal) state Is invalid 01630
Business (legal) zip Is invalid 01631
Business (legal) country Is invalid 01632
Mailing address invalid 01633
Business (legal) address Is invalid 01634
Incomplete business address 01635
Amount Encumbered by enhanced Spendback 01636
Invalid key serial number 01637
You may Not transfer money between these two accounts. Sponsor bank transfer disallowed. 01638
Currency code Not allowed for this transaction 01639
Currency code Not permitted for this account 01640
Requires Additional Validation 01641
Multicurrency processing Is Not allowed for the account 01642
Multicurrency processing Is Not supported For this bank processor 01643
Capture amount exceeds allowed amount 01644
Account setup does Not allow capture For amount greater than authorization 01645
Threat Metrix risk denied (no responseCode Is returned) 01646
Threat Metrix Invalid SessionId 01647
Threat Metrix Invalid Account configuration 01648
External Payment Provider Not provided 01649
External Payment Identifier Not provided 01650
External Payment Provider Not valid 01651
Inactive Or blocked MCC Code 01652
Invalid MCC Code (non-numeric Or Not In our database) 01653
Gross settle: invalid credit card information 01654
Gross settle: invalid billing information 01655
Gross settle: no billing information was included with the payment info 01656
Debit Requires Swipe. Please Swipe or Use Credit. 01657
Swipe again 01658
Key Is Inactive 01659
Invalid Void After Refund 01660
Refund on a refund not allowed 01661
Invalid Cavv/Eci Value 01662
Invalid Contactless 01663
CVV Response Code is required 01664
Invalid processor 01665
Processor is temporarily unavailable 01666
BIN is required 01668
Invalid license 01669
Token Expired 01670
Token reference not found 01671
Invalid EMV Read. Please try again. 01672
Inactive Gift Card 01673
Card already active 01674
Card already inactive 01675
Refund not permitted, amount exceeds original sale 01678
Declined – Contact Support 01679
Unsupported Transaction 01680
AVS Street Required 01681
Line Items Required 01683
Re enter 01684
Missing or Invalid PARes 01685
Recapture not supported 01686
You have tried too many card numbers, please contact merchant. 01687
Capture not allowed on voided auth 01689
Negative Tax amount not allowed 01690
Data Unavailable 01691
Account Unavailable 01692
This terminal has been disabled. Please contact customer service to configure the terminal. 01693
Transaction not supported 01694
Cashback not supported 01695
An unexpected error has occurred. Technical Support has been alerted to this problem. 01696
Unable to map data 01697
Invalid billing address 01698
Incorrect CVV 01699
AID Mismatch 01700
Batch previously locked for settlement 01701
Insert Card Again 01702
Card Type Not Allowed 01703
Refund not allowed; issue void 01704
Invalid RoomNum 01705
Amount Not Supported 01706
Unsupported Industry 01707
Transaction authentication required. 01708
Swipe Card 01709
Encryption Required (Port) 01710
Specified Encryption Key Not Found 01711
Debit Void Not Supported 01712
Command Type Not Supported For Debit/EBT 01713
Invalid chip read; try again. 01714
Invalid Start Date (Batch Report) 01715
Invalid Start Date/Time 01716
Swipe Not Allowed 01717
Invalid EntryMode 01718
Invalid Encryption Key 01719
Signature Invalid (SUT) 01720
Transaction can no longer be voided 01721
Invalid Encrypted Swipe 01722
One or more errors occurred 01723
The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit 01724
Bill field required 01725
Invalid GiftCard Length 01726
Specified Token Not Found (SUT) 01727
Invalid Batch Sequence 01728
Missing Required Credit Card Data 01729
Unable to Communicate with MAPS Server 01730
Bad Data 01731
Verify Balances 01732
OOS Required 01733
Currency Not Supported 01734
Object reference not set to an instance of an object 01735
Source has been blocked from processing transactions. 01736
Invalid Field 01737
An error occurred during processing. Call Merchant Service Provider. 01738
Partial Auth not supported for eWIC 01739
This transaction cannot be accepted. 01740
Invalid eWIC card 01741
Could not Retrieve Transaction ID 01742
Missing part of path 01743
Error Processing Lookup Request Message 01744
Invoice exceeds max length. Field has been truncated. 01745
Invalid Device IP 01746
Database Unavailable 01747
Adjustment not allowed 01748
Must specify a valid payment method 01749
An error has occured. Please contact support. 01750
Try Again 01751
Batch Not Found 01752
Authentication Data Unavailable 01753
Exceeds Daily Limit 01754
Exceeds 7 Day Limit 01755
Exceeds 30 Day Limit 01756
Transaction already settled, issue refund (P) 01758