Developer Portal – SDK

To download the SDK, please click the download link based on your desired Windows version and .NET version.
Once you have agreed to our terms and conditions and provided your name and email address, the file will be sent to your email inbox.

Windows Version .NET Version Download Link Checksum
Any CPU 4.8
64 bit 4.8
32 bit 4.8
Any CPU 4.5
64 bit 4.5
32 bit 4.5

All other versions can be downloaded via the updater application. Please use “paymentengine” as the software name.

For more information, see our Payment Engine SDK Documentation

A checksum is a number generated through hashing a file. It allows you to verify that the file is the exact same as what is expected so that you can know it was not corrupted or compromised during the download process. Our checksums are hashed using SHA-256.

How do I verify the checksum?
Upload the downloaded file to a checksum calculator (e.g. and it will rehash the file you received.

If the SHA-256 hash matches the checksum we have provided, you have received the correct file.

Why is it important that I verify the checksum?
There are malicious attacks such as man in the middle attacks in which someone could replace the file putting your machine at risk.
It also ensures that the file is not corrupted.

What should I do if the checksums do not match?
Do NOT use the downloaded file.
Try downloading the file again. If the checksums repeatedly do not match, please Contact Us at